Saturday, August 22, 2009

My first night blogging

I finally was able to create my own blogging page. I always wanted to do this but couldn't get the time to do so. Hopefully I can post a lot of sample configurations and my day to day network troubleshooting skills here hoping to help others and for me to use this as my own documentation page that I can share with my colleagues. Last night I spent about 2 hours trying to look for the documentation for the NEC DT700 VOIP phone. I found a couple of them but it doesn't tell you how to config the cisco 3750 switches for dual VLANS with the NEC DT700 phones. The engineer who set this up for us couldn't tell us what type of switchport settings we should use. I'm suppose to be on vacation the whole week but I couldn't resist finding the solution to our issue so I decided to bring home one of our cisco 3750 switch and the NEC DT700. Tomorrow I will post the config on how I set up the cisco 3750 switch.

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