Friday, August 28, 2009

Our new Cisco Nexus 7018

We just got our new Cisco Nexus 7018 and this switch is a monster!

With the Panduit rack. The only rack for the Cisco Nexus

We are still trying to decide where we going to place this box in our data center. in the next few days/weeks I'll be posting some sample configurations on the Nexus.

We are also getting 2 more 6509E chassi with Sup 720 VSS, Cisco ACE, and Wireless Controllers. I'm very excited with all the new hardware that we are getting this year. Planning, planning, planning to make sure we do it right.


  1. We just got our 7018 this past friday, likewise, I am documenting this occasion, this is the largest switch I have even seen

  2. You must also be excited as much as we do. Please post more pictures when you get a chance and also visit my blog to see the progress on our project. I would like to see how you guys did your Nexus. Thanks!