Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nexus 7018 Cable Management Part 2

Below is the final outcome of our cable management to the Nexus.

We ran all the cables on the left side so that we don't cover the air flow of the Nexus switch.


  1. It doesn't look like you used the airflow adapter kit that is available with the Panduit CM385A, how does this heat exchange/cooling work into your data center design. Do you have hot aisle/cold aisle config or something else?

    Interested Cisco 7018 user

  2. We are working on hot aisle/cold aisle config. We are in the process on moving our servers rack to have this effect. As for the airflow adapter, are you talking about the panels on the sides fo the Nexus? We have that installed thats the reason why all the cables are in the left side because the right side is the air intake and blowing it out on the left side and forces the air out to the back of the Nexus.