Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheap free internet hotspot gateway

I was given a task by our upper management to setup a free wireless access on our remote locations. I have been searching for an appliance or software that can provide a splash screen for end users to see to agree on the Terms of Use. I first look at nomadix which I know is popular but very expensive. I also tested the zone cd which was very easy to set up but there was a recurring cost. So I went ahead and tested antamedia hotspot software which really work well and very easy to configure even the splash screen was easy to customized. The caveat to this is that you still need a PC with dual NICs for it to work and it will cost you around $400 just for the software not including the PC. I was determine to get this software but when we were ready to get it, we had issues paying for it because we only do purchse orders not credit cards plus the company is not in the United States. It was a blessing in disguise that this company that I called before ( finally got back to me and told me that a new box just came in. I went ahead and ordered it and when I got the boxes it literraly took me less than 15 minutes to set it up with terms and conditions with customized splash screen. The box looks like a small router that runs on unix. The best part, It only cost us $190.00 per box without the need of another PC. For more info about the hotspot gateway from GIS follow the link below.

This is where I got it from

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  1. I got two of this devices they work great and very easy to setup.

    I would highly recommend them, just follow the instructions.

    PS. Just be aware that the documentation says the default network is but is not. It is